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While placing her order for fish, Mrs Merrick from Walton on Thames shared her daughters achievements with us: her daughter is taking a home economics course at college and had chosen our Cod Loin to include in her recipe for seafood pie. The teachers were that impressed with her recipe and the quality of her ingredients that she recieved an A+ for outstanding quality! The teachers even asked her to bring our price list and brochure in so they could take a look!

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What our Customers Say

  • I can't speak too highly of Regal Fish.

    Miss hughes

    Been using Regal Fish for 25 years plus.

    Mrs Naylor

    Every order we have received has been amazing.

    Mrs Willett

  • I have been a customer of Regal Fish for many years starting when I lived on the East Coast and was delghted to discover that they delivered to the East Midlands when I moved home.

    Mr Hayward

    I have been ordering from Regal Fish for quite some time now and have no problems recommending its fish or customer service.

    Mrs Ward

    I've been using Regal Fish for quite a while now.

    Mrs Ward

  • We have been using Regal fish for many years, Excellent produce and service delivery is is outstanding.

    Mrs Lee-Chapman

    I’ve just received my order from Regal Fish and would just like to tell you how impressed I am with the service , items available and delivery of my order.

    Mrs Turnbull

    I never ceased to be amazed at the professional, cheerful & efficient service all the staff at "Regal Fish" provide, having been a very happy customer for many years now.

    Mrs Ballard

  • My order arrived on time and in perfect condition, the driver observed all conditions of social distancing, At last I have found a reliable source where I can purchase fresh fish at a competitive pric...

    Mr walker

    I have been a customer at Regal Fish for nearly 20 years and I have always been delighted with their service! Last week they were due to deliver but we were away and therefore they kindly arranged fo...

    Mrs Marston

    I have been a customer of Regal Fish Since they began which must be close to or even over 30 years.

    Ms NIcholls

  • I started using Regal Fish about a year ago when I was recommend by friend and I've not looked back.

    Mrs Hope

    Just to say a great big "thank you" to all of the staff for providing their usual excellent service during this difficult time! My delivery driver was excellent, as is always the case, & the charming ...


    We used Regal Fish in the 1970's & found them to be reliable & their fish was always fresh & well packed.

    Mr Brickley

  • We have been served by Regal Fish for a number of years,and the service and product are totally brilliant.

    Mr Smith

    This is an excellent service.

    Mrs Earley

    Had Regal Fish delivered in Lincolnshire for years.

    Mrs Bristow

  • Tried the luxury cod fishcakes today.

    Mrs Peck

    First time I’ve had fish from Regal fish.

    Mrs Jones

    First time I’ve had fish from Regal fish.

    Mrs Jones

  • So far, so good.

    Mrs Peck

    We have been ordering from Regal Fish for a few years and would like to say how pleased we are with the products and the service provided by the office staff and the gentleman who delivers our fish.

    Mrs Sharma

    Fish is so fresh brilliant, fish cakes the best I have ever had, the Haddock in batter again brilliant, not to thick, will order again without hesitation and recommend

    Mrs Sparling

  • Absolutely brilliant products and service.

    Mr Maloney

    We received our usual fish delivery last week.

    Mrs Aitken

    Been dealing with Regal for years now.

    Mrs Bramwell

  • A great big thank you to everyone at Regal Fish.

    Mrs Clacy

    I was absolutely delighted with the most efficient service from Regal.

    Mr/Mrs Lawrence

    I have been getting my fresh fish from regal for quite a while now, and I can honestly say it is the best.

    Mrs Phoenix

  • I would just like to say, that I always beleive customer service is king, & Regal Fish sales member Toni, who I spoke to today was excellent at discussing offers & prices per kilo etc.

    Mr Jez

    Great service, great fish beautifully fresh, great selection the van driver very pleasant ,recommend all the fish

    Mrs Veal

    At last I have found a source of really fresh fish.

    Mr Cockerham

  • I've been meaning for ages to tell you how much me and my husband appreciate your service.

    Mrs Buxton

    Have been having Regal fish deliveries for 20 years plus.

    Mrs Naylor

    I will not go anywhere else for my fresh fish, beautifully fresh and well packaged.

    Mrs Money

  • Having purchased our fish from supermarkets for several years we had forgotten what it should taste like, but now having found Regal Fish we would not purchase from anywhere else.

    Mr Boucher

    We have been buying from Regal Fish for a number of years, and have been delighted with their selection, service, quality, reliability, cost and punctuality.

    Mr mccullogh

    I would recommend you to any of my friends and family, because of the freshness the telephone manner right down to the service of delivery, cannot fault you on your high standards

    Mrs Turner

  • I would recommend you to any of my friends and family, because of the freshness the telephone manner right down to the service of delivery, cannot fault you on your high standards

    Mrs Turner

    I absolutely love everything from Regal Fish, far superior to any Supermarket I have ever tried.

    Mrs Barrington

    My 1st order in Jan 2019 was 3 fish pies & 2 boxes of fish cakes and this has all been consumed by me.

    Ms Taylor

  • I like Turkey but I like something different at Christmas.

    Mr Gover

    Been a customer fo several years now.

    Mrs O'Keefe

    I have been using regal for a number of years and have never had any item that i can honestly say that I am disappointed in.

    Mr Skidmore

  • Last time my order was not delivered as promised and I have to quickly fine another source (super market).

    Mr Chamund

    We’ve been using your company for a long time now and I wanted to say how brilliant the service is.

    Mrs Fell

    Every product we've tried has been excellent value for money and delivered by very friendly people.

    Mrs Rimmer

  • Excellent service and excellent fish.

    Mrs Orton

    We have bought a selection of fish/seafood products since we first moved to Lincolnshire in 2013 and everything has been first rate.

    Mrs McCowan

    I had my first order delivered as planned today.

    Mrs Parker

  • I have been a customer with Regal Fish for quite some time now and this is because of the top quality fresh and frozen fish available, together with various 'specials'.

    Mr Barnes

    Regal Fish you are the best thing since sliced bread !!!!!! Your staff are fantastic your delivery drivers superb and your products --- I am growing gills !!!!! I cannot fault any aspect of your servi...

    Mrs Bartlett

    Excellent products, I usually buy fresh ( when in season) or frozen plaice fillets.

    Mrs Millatt

  • I am so pleased to have found Regal Fish, the quality of their fish is a very high standard and I much prefer it to supermarket bought fish.

    Mrs Williamson

    Been a customer for about 16 years.

    Mrs Gunthorpe

    Very happy with any purchase that I have made from Regal Fish.

    Mrs Johnson

  • Received my first delivery yesterday and used one lot that evening delivery was as specified packaging very good even left in a cool bag.

    Mrs Philips

    We could not have been any more delighted with the selection pack that we received, having tentatively ordered from our doorstep.

    Mr Cole

    Best fresh fish I have ever tasted!!!

    Mrs MONEY

  • 1st class service & also products.

    Mr Marshall

    I have used Regal's service for many years and I continue to be delighted by the quality of the fish and seafood, as well as the service provided.

    Mrs Lee

    Cannot speak highly enough of this company the quality of the products are outstanding coupled with a first class ordering and delivery service we will remain regular customers.

    Mrs Hartill

  • its not a testimonial i was after, it is a question i have paid by credit card do you hold the number to debit my account automatically? [i have just ordered] by the way i i cannot speak highly enough...

    Mr olive

    Want to let you know I have stayed at customer for so long, and will do, because of not just the excellent product but your staff and customers service.

    Mrs Baker

    What can you say about great quality products, first rate service, friendly voices on the phone, always willing to advise & recommend! Though we have only been customers for less than a year, we were ...

    Mr Wood

  • Simply the best !!!! Excellent quality fish and the most friendly and helpful of staff including the delivery men.

    Mrs Wright

    We aren't big fish eaters however everything we've tried from Regal Fish has been lovely and tasty.

    Mrs Heppinstall

    I have been a customer for last 15 years.

    Mrs Gunthorpe

  • I have been very impressed with regal fish supplies especially after today's telephone call for my order .

    Miss McElligott

    I always have excellent service on delivery.

    Mrs worland

    We have been using Regall Fish for some time.

    Mrs Morfey

  • I have been ordering and receiving fish from Regal Fish for a number of years and have been very happy with their friendly service and quality and variety of fish.

    Ms Shaw

    Quality & Service Second to none, We have tried quiet a few products & they are Delicious, Highly Recommended.

    Mr Clarke

    As a Norwegian I've been fishing since I was three years old and I bought my first boat when I was fourteen.

    Mr Eriksen

  • Fish is very important to me as I don't choose to eat meat.

    Mrs Aston

    Bought my first pack of fish today and we had some for tea - so nice, fresh and light - would recommend to all

    Mrs frost

    The fish is lovely .

    Mrs Miles

  • Very impressed with service and quality of all products received from Regal.

    Mrs Holland

    Last Friday 5th February 2016 we had lightly battered haddock for our tea.

    Mr/Mrs wood

    why didn't i discover you earlier? just received our second order from regal and the quality and quantity totaly outsurpases any high street chain.

    Mr wootton

  • I have been dealing with Regal Fish for some time now and just wanted to say how impressed I continue to be with your excellant service,choice and quality of food.

    Mrs Coote

    I have recently taken delivery of various items and the quality of your products is second to none so I just had to write & let you know.

    Mrs Tye

    I have recently taken delivery of various items and the quality of your products is second to none so I just had to write & let you know.

    Mrs Tye

  • I have always loved the produce I have ordered from Regal.

    Mrs Whittaker

    The freshest tastiest fish around and delivered to your own front door .

    Mrs Sharp

    I used Regal for the first time.

    Mrs Wood

  • WOW! The best Salmon portions I have ever tasted.

    Miss SMITH

    The freshness of Regal fish is proved by the fact that I never have any fishy smell in my freezer with your fish but when I've bought from a few nationwide supermarkets there is always a smell.

    Mrs Hamer

    For our first order we had the Halibut steaks.

    Mrs Williams

  • So my fish arrived ar 18.

    Mrs Elliot

    How good is this stuff? Have had four deliveries of boned cod and never tasted fish this good.

    Mr lowe

    Many thanks for the fish deliveries you have made to me over a number of years - the fish is always of excellent quality and the service too is extremely good.

    Mrs Collin

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    Mr Test

    Since getting fish delivered from Regal I find myself comparing it if ever I eat in a restaraunt,chippy or at family or friends, I have to say that nothing has come close to the standard even when abr...

    Ms Smith

  • Have re-ordered 2KG of your skinned and boned Haddock fillets.

    Mr Fry

    Just tried this company for the first time.

    Mrs Birss

    Had our first delivery last Thursday,had the sea bass for tea it was lovely.

    Mrs wood

  • Been buying from Regal Fish for a long time now.

    Mrs Aston

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