White Fish

Sea Bass Fillet & Salmon Fillet boned 2Kg Pack

A special offer pack of fresh Salmon and Sea Bass Fillet!

Cod Loin 1kg (Frozen)

6 Meaty portions of cod loin, conveniently frozen.

* Multiple variations available
Eight Fresh Hake Portions (Min Wt. 1120g)

Fresh locally sourced Hake portions.

Four Fresh Hake Portions (Min Wt 560g)

Fresh locally sourced Hake portions.

Plaice and Cod Boned 2kg Pack

A 2kg mix of prime cod fillets and seasonal fresh plaice fillets, all boned - get them while yo...

Plaice and Haddock Boned 2kg Pack

Top quality boned haddock and plaice fillets at a discounted price.

Plaice Fillets 1kg (Frozen)

6 Skin on and Boned Frozen Plaice Fillets.

* Multiple variations available
Plaice Fillets Boned

Now in season - Fresh plaice fillets boned for your convenience.

* Multiple variations available
Sea Bass Fillet & Plaice Fillet Boned 2Kg Pack

A special offer on a kilo of each Sea Bass and Plaice

Sea Bass Fillets 1kg (Frozen)

Frozen Descaled meal sized Boned fillets of Luxurious Sea Bass.

Cape Hake Fillets (Frozen)

Top quality, Skinned and Boned Cape Hake Fillets.

* Multiple variations available
Tilapia Skinless (Frozen)

A versatile, mild flavoured, skinless, boneless fish fillet - perfect for all the family.

* Multiple variations available
Red Snapper

Perfect for grilling and the BBQ, this sought after fish boasts a firm texture and sweet flavou...

Pangasius Basa Fillets 1kg (Frozen)

Frozen skinned and boned Basa Fillets

Sea Bass Fillet & Haddock Fillet Boned 2Kg Pack

A special offer pack of fresh Sea Bass and Haddock Fillet!