White Fish

Haddock Fillets Boned 1kg (Frozen)

Excellent quality quick frozen Haddock Fillets.

Monkfish Fillets

Luxurious fresh Skinned and Boned Monkfish Tail Fillet.

* Multiple variations available
Monkfish Tail

Superior quality Whole Tail of Monkfish!

White Fish Pieces

Perfect for pets fish offcuts.

Haddock Fillet and Coley Fillet Boned 2kg Pack

A sustainable fresh selection of popular white fish.

* Multiple variations available
Plaice and Cod Boned 2kg Pack

A 2kg mix of prime cod fillets and seasonal fresh plaice fillets, all boned - get them while yo...

Plaice and Haddock Boned 2kg Pack

Top quality boned haddock and plaice fillets at a discounted price.

Plaice Fillets Boned

Now in season - Fresh plaice fillets boned for your convenience.

* Multiple variations available
Selection Pack Boned 3kg

A special offer pack of our market fresh Cod, Haddock and Salmon

* Multiple variations available
Whiting Fillets Boned 1kg (Frozen)

Frozen Boned Whiting Fillets, with tender flesh and a subtle flavour.

Sea Bass Fillet & Haddock Fillet Boned 2Kg Pack

A special offer pack of fresh Sea Bass and Haddock Fillet!