White Fish

Cod and Haddock Boned 3kg Pack

A prime quality boned selection pack of best quality Cod and Haddock!

* Multiple variations available
Sea Bass Fillet & Cod Fillet Boned 2Kg Pack

A special offer pack of fresh Sea Bass and Cod Fillet!

Steam Fresh Cod with English Herb Butter

Two individual portions of Cod with a delicious herb butter ready to cook from frozen for a spe...

* Multiple variations available
Steam Fresh Cod with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Individual portions of Cod with a tasty Sweet Chilli sauce ready to cook from frozen for a spee...

* Multiple variations available
Premium Frozen at Sea Cod Fillets (six pack)

Frozen at sea, Cod Fillets supplied Skinned and Boned and as fresh as fresh can be!

Cape Hake Fillets (Frozen)

Top quality, Skinned and Boned Cape Hake Fillets.

Plaice Fillets 1kg (Frozen)

Skin on and Boned Frozen Plaice Fillets.

* Multiple variations available