Superior Prawns

Superior Prawns

Superior Prawns


Luxury, single frozen, cooked and peeled premium North Atlantic Coldwater Prawns.
Our best selling Shellfish product - Plump North Atlantic Prawns. Fantastic for salads and sandwiches and perfect for Prawn Cocktail.

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Ingredients (Allergens in capitals)
Prawns, salt, water as protective glaze
Net Weight
372g net weight
NE Atlantic/Pandalus borealis
Average serving
100-200 prawns per bag
Storage Use By (frozen)
See packaging
NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: ( Per 100g ) Energy 418(Kj) / 99(Kcals) Fat 1g of which saturates
Serving Suggestions
These Prawns are cooked so can be eaten once defrosted, great for sandwiches, salads or Prawn Cocktail but can also be added to recipe dishes toward the end of cooking. Check out our recipe library for further inspiration!
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