Special Offers

BBQ Fish and Prawn Selection

A special offer on this bumper pack containing all of your favourite BBQ items

Butchers Choice Pack

A selection of award winning British sausages and Burgers from Pettit's of Grimsby.

Cod and Haddock Boned 3kg Pack

A prime quality boned selection pack of best quality Cod and Haddock!

* Multiple variations available
Lemon Sole Fillets 1kg (Frozen)

Quality frozen Lemon Sole fillets, an excellent alternative for when fresh is out of season!

* Multiple variations available
Nibble Pack

A selection of our best selling seafood bites, perfect for snacking or serving to guests at you...

Plaice and Cod Boned 2kg Pack

A 2kg mix of prime cod fillets and seasonal fresh plaice fillets, all boned - get them while yo...

Plaice and Haddock Boned 2kg Pack

Top quality boned haddock and plaice fillets at a discounted price.

Sea Bass Fillet & Cod Fillet Boned 2Kg Pack

A special offer pack of fresh Sea Bass and Cod Fillet!

Sea bass Fillet & Salmon Fillet boned 2Kg Pack

A special offer pack of fresh Salmon and Sea Bass Fillet!

Selection Pack Boned 3kg

A special offer pack of our market fresh Cod, Haddock and Salmon

Selection Pack Skinned and Boned 3kg

3kg Special Offer pack on our most popular market fresh Cod, Haddock and Salmon fillets