Special Offers

Beef and Gammon Joints Offer (1kg each)

A special offer on both our Silverside Beef Joint and Gammon Joint.

Eight Fresh Vacuum Packed Atlantic Salmon Portions Skin on Boned

Eight prime centre cut, individually vacuum packed fresh Salmon portions.

Festive Feast

Everything you need for your festive parties this Christmas, with a 10% saving!

Luxury Fish Cake Trio Special Offer Pack

A special offer on a pack of each Smoked Haddock, Cod and Salmon Fishcakes.

Luxury Smoked Fish Pate Duo

A pot of each Creamy Salmon and Mackerel Mousse Pates with light smoky taste

Plaice and Cod Boned 2kg Pack

A 2kg mix of prime cod fillets and seasonal fresh plaice fillets, all boned - get them while yo...

Plaice and Haddock Boned 2kg Pack

Top quality boned haddock and plaice fillets at a discounted price.

Posh Prawn Cocktail pack

Everything you need for your posh prawn cocktail!

Prawn and Terrine Pack

A special offer on two of our bestselling Christmas products

Regal Tapas Pack

A selection of products perfect for your Tapas night

Selection Pack Boned 3kg

A special offer pack of our market fresh Cod, Haddock and Salmon

Selection Pack Skinned and Boned 3kg

3kg Special Offer pack on our most popular market fresh Cod, Haddock and Salmon fillets

Wellington Offer Pack

All of our Seafood Wellingtons in one special pack including two limited edition festive wellin...