Coquilles St Jacques

A pair of delicious creamy coquilles St Jacques the perfect starter for two or main course for ...

Luxury Fish Pie Mix with Prawns

NEW IMPROVED FROZEN FISH PIE MIX CONTAINING KING PRAWNS perfect for making a warming fish pie!

Posh Prawn Cocktail

Everything you need ofr your posh prawn cocktail!

Sea Bass with Lemon Zest and Chive Butter

Two fresh, delicate Sea Bass Fillets with a delicious Lemon and Chive Butter

Shell On Raw King Prawns (Easy Peel)

Raw Freshwater King Prawns with an 'Easy-peel' shell.

* Multiple variations available
Superior Prawns

Luxury, single frozen, cooked and peeled premium Coldwater Prawns.

* Multiple variations available
Crevettes 500g

These Crevettes are delicious, Jumbo Prawns supplied cooked and ready to eat after defrosting.

Cooked Shell On Prawns

Complete with shells, these cold water prawns retain all their flavour and texture.

Cooked Peeled Tail on King Prawns

Cooked and Peeled Warm water King Prawns.

* Multiple variations available
Peeled and Deveined Raw King Prawns

Quality Raw, Peeled and Deveined King Prawns.

Brown Shrimp Peeled

Treat yourself to this hard to find luxury Shellfish.

King Scallops (roe on)

Large, wild, roe-on King Scallops.

Whole Boiled East Coast Crab (Frozen)

These superior East Coast of England Crabs are ready to dress once defrosted

Dressed East Coast Crab (Frozen)

Superior British Crab caught on the East Coast of England by day 'inshore' boats.

British Crab Claws (Frozen)

British Crab Claws, crack and snack!

White East Coast Crab Meat 200g (Frozen)

Superior quality White British Crab Meat, vacuum packed and frozen.


Cooked and shelled meaty mussels supplied individually frozen.

Connemara Mussels (Blanched)

Irish Mussels complete with their shells, frozen and vacuum packed to lock in the flavour!

New Zealand Half Shell Mussels (green lipped)

New Zealand, Green Lipped Meaty Mussels supplied in Half Shells!

Squid Tubes

Large individually frozen raw Squid, cleaned and ready for cooking.

Cooked Whelk Meat

Quality cooked and shelled whelks - a taste of the seaside.

Cockle Meat

Sweet, delicate cockle meat removed from the shell!

Seafood Cocktail

A mixture of prawns, cockles/clams, mussels and squid rings.

Paella Mix with Rice

Delicious Paella Mix produced in Spain containing a mix of rice and seafood.

Battered Calamari (squid rings) 454g

Whole rings of squid tube coated in a unique oven-bakeable batter

King Prawn Rolls (Filo)

Luxurious King Prawns individually wrapped in a crisp filo pastry.

Tempura Battered Prawns

Premium large Prawns in a bubbly crisp Japanese style batter coating