Roeless Scallops

Roeless Scallops

Roeless Scallops


Delicious and tender roe less scallops, supplied individually frozen to lock in the freshness!
NOW LOWER GLAZE AND LARGER SCALLOPS! Delicious nuggets of meat with no waste. Can be sliced whist semi-frozen into small medallions as an addition to main meal pasta dishes.

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Ingredients (Allergens in capitals)
Scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) (MOLLUSCS), Water as protective ice glaze (roughly 30%), Stabiliser: E450, E451
Net Weight
Placopecten Magellanicus Wild Caught in Pacific Ocean (FAO 61) by dredge / North West Atlantic
Average serving
Approximately 15-35 scallops
Storage Use By (frozen)
Refer to pack label
Serving Suggestions
These Scallops are raw and require cooking, always defrost fully, let come up to room temperature if possible and cook quickly to avoid toughening. (very hot pan/ oil and a matter of a minute or two each side – very similar to steak). 2-3 minutes either side. If slicing the scallops we recommend that this is carried out whist the scallops are still slightly frozen. Try wrapping in streaky bacon and popping under the grill until cooked and golden. PINK/ ORANGE SCALLOPS - are natural and occur when a female scallop is spawning and some of the pigment from the roe overspills into the meat, making it an orange colour. It is completely harmless and natural.

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