Prepared Seafood

Breaded Torpedo King Prawns

Superior Jumbo Tempura Prawns, perfect for entertaining

Chunky Lemon and Pepper Yellowfin Sole Goujons

Prime Boned Yellow Fin Sole Goujons coated in a tasty Lemon and Pepper breadcrumb ready to cook...

Crispy Crumbed Butterfly King Prawns

Butterfly style King Prawns coated in a delicious crisp crumb.

Regal Smoked Haddock Wellingtons (2 x 205g)

A duo of our 'Handmade in Grimsby' Smoked Haddock Wellingtons! 2 individual portions per pack ...

Sea Bass with Garlic and Parsley Butter

Two fresh, delicate Sea Bass Fillets with a delicious Garlic and Parsley Butter

Four Breaded Haddock Fillets

Delicious Haddock fillets coated in a light and crispy breadcrumb

* Multiple variations available
Oriental Salt & Pepper Marinated Salmon

Fresh salmon portions coated in authentic oriental flavours, finished with a liberal dose of sa...

Smoky BBQ Marinated Salmon

Fresh salmon portions coated a sweet and smoky BBQ Glaze.

Four Breaded Cod Loin Portions (600g)

4 portions of chunky, flaky Cod loin with a delicious crisp crumb!

Seeded Cod Portions

Prime Cod Fillet portions coated in a delicious blend of seven seeds.

* Multiple variations available
Battered Jumbo Cod Fish Fingers

Large, chunky and VERY tasty, not your average fish finger!

* Multiple variations available
Gluten Free Jumbo Cod Fish Fingers

Large, chunky and VERY tasty, Prime Cod wrapped in delicious Gluten Free Crumb! Not your avera...

* Multiple variations available
Four Breaded Plaice in Lemon And Pepper Coating

Four Chunky Plaice portions coated in a zingy Lemon and Pepper breadcrumb.

Cod and Chorizo Fish Cakes Four Pack

Cod and Chorizo complement each other beautifully in this luxurious Fish Cake.

Luxury Cod Fish Cakes Four Pack

A pack of four Luxury Cod Fish Cakes.

Luxury Salmon Fish Cakes Four Pack

A pack of four Luxury Salmon Fish Cakes.

Smoked Haddock, Leek and Mustard Fish Cakes Four Pack

Four Smoked Haddock, Leek and Mustard luxury Fishcakes, with a crunchy breadcrumb.

Crab Cakes with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Delicious Bite sized Crab Cakes with a Sweet Chilli Dip!

Battered Plaice Goujons

Delicious Goujons of Prime Plaice Fillet coated in a crispy batter

* Multiple variations available
Cod Goujons

Prime Skinned and Boned Cod Fillet Goujons coated in a tasty breadcrumb.

* Multiple variations available
Sweet Chilli and Lime Cod Goujons

Our Sweet Chilli and Lime Cod Goujons are perfect for snacks , salads or buffets!

Deluxe Whole Tails Oven Bake Scampi

Deluxe Wholetail Scampi tails coated in a crunchy crumb!

* Multiple variations available
Battered Calamari (squid rings) 454g

Whole rings of squid tube coated in a unique oven-bakeable batter

King Prawns in Garlic and Cheese Seasoned Sauce

Raw King Prawns in a delicious Creamy Garlic and Cheese seasoned Sauce.

Cod and Salmon Fish Roast

Layered Cod and Salmon, coated in a delicate mustard sauce with a rich cheesy breadcrumb toppin...

* Multiple variations available
Chunky Cheese and Ham Haddock Bake

A delicious Haddock Bake with a cheese, ham and crumble topping

* Multiple variations available
Hake Bake Duo

Delicious portions of Cape Hake, hand topped with Broccoli, Leek and Cheese sauce and sprinkled...

* Multiple variations available
Regal Cod Wellington (2 x 205g)

Finest quality 'handmade in Grimsby' Wellingtons, Cod in a rich cheese, prawn and mushroom sauc...

* Multiple variations available
Regal Salmon Wellingtons (2 x 205g)

Prime quality Salmon surrounded by Puff Pastry topped with a rich Butter Sauce.

* Multiple variations available
Peppercorn and Lemon Salmon Mignons

Premium grade Atlantic salmon fillet flavour with an outer coating of cracked black pepper and ...

Regal Fish Pie

A handmade luxury Fish Pie in a classic style!

* Multiple variations available
Fish Pie Mix (454g)

NEW IMPROVED FISH PIE MIX perfect for making a warming fish pie!

Paella Mix with Rice

Delicious Paella Mix produced in Spain containing a mix of rice and seafood.

Steam Fresh Cod with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Individual portions of Cod with a tasty Sweet Chilli sauce ready to cook from frozen for a spee...

* Multiple variations available
Garden Mint Marinated Salmon

Fresh salmon portions coated in a sweet fresh tasting mint glaze with hint of tomato.

Thai Marinated Salmon

Fresh salmon portions coated in an aromatic glaze packed full of authentic Thai flavours.