Prepared Seafood

Chunky Lemon and Pepper Yellowfin Sole Goujons

Prime Boned Yellow Fin Sole Goujons coated in a tasty Lemon and Pepper breadcrumb ready to cook...

Winter Warmer Pack

A fantastic special offer pack with our favourites winter warmers! 8-10 servings in total.

Four Breaded Haddock Fillets

Delicious Haddock fillets coated in a light and crispy breadcrumb

* Multiple variations available
Four Breaded Cod Loin Portions (600g)

4 portions of chunky, flaky Cod loin with a delicious crisp crumb!

Seeded Cod Portions

Prime Cod Fillet portions coated in a delicious blend of seven seeds.

* Multiple variations available
Battered Jumbo Cod Fish Fingers

Large, chunky and VERY tasty, not your average fish finger!

* Multiple variations available
Gluten Free Jumbo Cod Fish Fingers

Large, chunky and VERY tasty, Prime Cod wrapped in delicious Gluten Free Crumb! Not your avera...

* Multiple variations available
Four Breaded Plaice in Lemon And Pepper Coating

Four Chunky Plaice portions coated in a zingy Lemon and Pepper breadcrumb.

Cod and Chorizo Fish Cakes Four Pack

Cod and Chorizo complement each other beautifully in this luxurious Fish Cake.

Luxury Cod Fish Cakes Four Pack

A pack of four Luxury Cod Fish Cakes.

Luxury Salmon Fish Cakes Four Pack

A pack of four Luxury Salmon Fish Cakes.

Smoked Haddock, Leek and Mustard Fish Cakes Four Pack

Four Smoked Haddock, Leek and Mustard luxury Fishcakes, with a crunchy breadcrumb.

Traditional Cod Fish Cakes

Simple and fantastic value, tasty Cod Fish Cakes perfect for the whole family!

Crab Cakes with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Delicious Bite sized Crab Cakes with a Sweet Chilli Dip!

Battered Plaice Goujons

Delicious Goujons of Prime Plaice Fillet coated in a crispy batter

Cod Goujons

Prime Skinned and Boned Cod Fillet Goujons coated in a tasty breadcrumb.

* Multiple variations available
Sweet Chilli and Lime Cod Goujons

Our Sweet Chilli and Lime Cod Goujons are perfect for snacks , salads or buffets!

Deluxe Whole Tails Oven Bake Scampi

Deluxe Wholetail Scampi tails coated in a crunchy crumb!

* Multiple variations available
Battered Calamari (squid rings) 454g

Easy cook rings of squid coated in a unique oven-bakeable batter - economical and tasty

King Prawns in Garlic and Cheese Seasoned Sauce

Raw King Prawns in a delicious Creamy Garlic and Cheese seasoned Sauce.

Cod and Salmon Fish Roast

Layered Cod and Salmon, coated in a delicate mustard sauce with a rich cheesy breadcrumb toppin...

* Multiple variations available
Chunky Cheese and Ham Haddock Bake

A delicious Haddock Bake with a cheese, ham and crumble topping

* Multiple variations available
Hake Bake Duo

Delicious portions of Cape Hake, hand topped with Broccoli, Leek and Cheese sauce and sprinkled...

* Multiple variations available
Regal Cod Wellington (2 x 205g)

Finest quality 'handmade in Grimsby' Wellingtons, Cod in a rich cheese, prawn and mushroom sauc...

* Multiple variations available
Regal Salmon Wellingtons (2 x 205g)

Prime quality Salmon surrounded by Puff Pastry topped with a rich Butter Sauce.

* Multiple variations available
Regal Fish Pie

A handmade luxury Fish Pie in a classic style!

* Multiple variations available
Fish Pie Mix (454g)

NEW IMPROVED FISH PIE MIX perfect for making a warming fish pie!

Steam Fresh Cod with English Herb Butter

Two individual portions of Cod with a delicious herb butter ready to cook from frozen for a spe...

* Multiple variations available
Steam Fresh Cod with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Individual portions of Cod with a tasty Sweet Chilli sauce ready to cook from frozen for a spee...

* Multiple variations available
Salmon and Herb Burgers (Gluten Free)

Sizzling Salmon Burgers, perfect for your Summer BBQ!

* Multiple variations available
Garden Mint Marinated Salmon

Fresh salmon portions coated in a sweet fresh tasting mint glaze with hint of tomato.

Thai Marinated Salmon

Brand New to the 'Regal chilled convenience range'.