Plaice Fillets 1kg (Frozen)

Plaice Fillets 1kg (Frozen)

Plaice Fillets 1kg (Frozen)


Skin on and Boned Frozen Plaice Fillets. An excellent alternative when fresh is out of Season!
Excellent quality Plaice Fillets supplied single frozen, skin on and boned. Responsibly sourced in peak fishing season. Please note that they may have some minor bones present. PLEASE NOTE due to low availability over the Summer we are now supplying variable sized fillets so there will be between 4-8 fillets per kilo bag.

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Ingredients (Allergens in capitals)
Plaice FISH
Net Weight
Pleuronectes platessa/NE Atlantic (Iceland Grounds, North Sea, Eastern English Channel, Irish Sea)/ Bottom otter trawls/Purse seines
Average serving
4-8 fillets per Kg
Storage Use By (frozen)
Refer to packaging
Serving Suggestions
Oven bake, microwave, grill or pan fry! A versatile fish with great flavour. Take a look at our recipe library for more inspiration!

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