Haddock Fillets Boned

Haddock Fillets Boned

Haddock Fillets Boned


Superior quality fresh Boned Haddock Fillets
Top quality fresh Haddock Fillets. Beautiful white flesh and mouth watering flavour without the bones! The fillets will arrive with a V or J shape cut in the shoulder of the fillet where the bone line has been removed.

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Ingredients (Allergens in capitals)
Haddock FISH
Net Weight
Melanogrammus aeglefinus/ N E Atlantic ( Norwegian Sea/ Iceland/Irish Sea/ Faroes )/ Hooks and Lines/ Net/Trawls
Average serving
2-6 fillets per Kg
Storage use by (fresh)
2-3 days @ 5°C
Storage Use By (frozen)
Upto 3 months
Serving Suggestions
A sweet flavoured fish which is versatile and can be used well in most white fish recipes. Delicious battered and deep fried but also suitable for pan frying, poaching, grilling, baking, steaming or microwaving. Check out the recipe section on the Regal website or attached to your order confirmation for further inspiration!
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RASS (Risk Assessment for Sourcing Seafood) is a risk assessment tool that has been devised by the Seafish Authority, an independent body that represents the UK fishing industry. RASS supplies up to date information which is presented using a five point system and covers four components - fish stock, management of stock, habitat and by catch from which an informed purchasing decision can be made by the customer.


Haddock Fillets Boned
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