Flat Fish

Frozen Lemon Sole and 6 Salmon Portions

Individually frozen Lemon Sole fillets and vacuum packed Salmon portions, this is a great offer...

Frozen Lemon Sole and Sea Bass

A special offer on frozen Lemon Sole and Sea Bass Fillets

Plaice Fillets 1kg (Frozen)

Skin on and Boned Frozen Plaice Fillets.

* Multiple variations available
Lemon Sole Fillets 1kg (Frozen)

Quality frozen Lemon Sole fillets, an excellent alternative for when fresh is out of season!

* Multiple variations available
Dover Sole Whole

This is a whole flat fish and is considered the finest of the family!

Halibut Fillets

Fresh Halibut Fillets with a deliciously creamy flavour!

* Multiple variations available
Halibut Steaks

A distinctive, creamy flavoured fresh fish, with a meaty but succulent texture.

* Multiple variations available
Turbot Whole

This exquisite tasting flatfish otherwise know as the Queen of the seas