Dry cured back bacon (10 slices)

Dry cured back bacon (10 slices)

Dry cured back bacon (10 slices)


British, free range, succulent, tender, dry cured bacon.
Back bacon is a lean, bacon. Created by taking the belly off the loin and skinning. The pork is locally sourced and pastured, grazing naturally growing at a comfortable rate creating great tasting meat.This is short back or back bacon (named differently dependant on where you come from but they are the same thing). Dry cured means it is prepared with salt only rather than soaked in a brine. Please note - These are no longer supplied by John Petits- these are now supplied by Len Edwards of Grimsby

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Ingredients (Allergens in capitals)
British Pork, Salt (may contain sulphites)
Net Weight
born, reared, slaughtered and cut in Lincolnshire - UK
Average serving
10 slices
Storage use by (fresh)
7 days from production
Serving Suggestions
Grill, fry or use in a variety of recipe dishes.

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