British Meats

Streaky bacon

15 slices of Free Range British Bacon.

Extra Lean Minced Beef Steak 400g

Lean and tasty minced beef steak.

Gammon Steaks

A pair of thick succulent D shaped Gammon Steaks, a delicious tea time treat.

Pork Steaks

Two Lean British Pork Steaks, using outdoor bred and free range pork with red tractor approval...

Dry cured back bacon (10 slices)

British, free range, succulent, tender, dry cured bacon.

Lincolnshire Pork Sausages

Secret recipe Lincolnshire sausages using outdoor bred free range pork with red tractor approva...

Cumberland Pork Rings

2 x Cumberland rings made by a local butcher using a 17th century recipe and Lincolnshire por...

Silverside Beef Joint 1kg

Sourced by our award winning Grimsby Butcher and prepared to our specification.

Lincolnshire Gammon Joint 1kg

Free Range, British, tender, succulent Gammon Joint.

Barn Reared Chicken Fillets

British Born and Reared Skinless Chicken Fillets Twin Pack

British Rib Eye Beef Steak 8oz

8oz Premium British Rib Eye Steak 28 day matured

British Sirloin Beef Steak 8oz

8oz Premium British Sirloin Steak.

British Beef Steak Burgers

2 superior quality Steak Burgers from our award winning butchers in Grimsby

Beef and Gammon Joints Offer (1kg each)

A special offer on both our Silverside Beef Joint and Gammon Joint.

Boneless Turkey Crown Joint 1kg (skin on)

Fresh British Turkey crown joint, ready to roast please note this is half of a boneless crown r...

Boneless Turkey Crown Joint 2.5kg (skin on)

Fresh British boneless Turkey crown joint, bound with string and ready to roast.

Lincolnshire Pigs In Blankets

Secret recipe Lincolnshire Sausages wrapped in dry cured bacon perfect for your Christmas dinne...

Lincolnshire Sausage meat

Lincolnshire Sausagemeat from our award winning butchers of Grimsby