BBQ Favourites

BBQ Fish and Prawn Selection

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BBQ Marinated Chicken Fillets

Two British Born and Reared Skinless Chicken Fillets in a delicious BBQ Marinade

BBQ Marinated Pork Steaks

Two Lean British Pork Steaks, with a delicious BBQ marinade, using outdoor bred and free range...

Bumper BBQ Pack

Everything you need for a Sizzling Seafood BBQ!

Piri Piri Marinated Chicken Fillets

British Born and Reared succulent Chicken Fillet - skinless, in a delicious Piri Piri Marinade ...

Piri Piri Marinated Pork Steaks

Two Lean British Pork Steaks with a delicious , using outdoor bred and free range pork with red...

Tuna Supremes (Frozen)

Not remotely like the tinned version.

* Multiple variations available
Swordfish Supremes

Skinned and Boned, meaty textured, wild caught Swordfish Supremes perfect for the BBQ!

Red Snapper

Perfect for grilling and the BBQ, this sought after fish boasts a firm texture and sweet flavou...

Salmon Fillet Boned

Succulent fresh Salmon Fillet with the bones removed for your convenience.

* Multiple variations available
Salmon Portions Skin on Boned (Chilled)

One fresh portion of centre cut Salmon, vacuum packed for your convenience!

* Multiple variations available
Salmon Steaks

Fresh, chunky Salmon Steaks!

Lemon and Garlic Salmon Burgers 4 pack

Delicious Salmon burgers with a delicate Lemon and Garlic flavour

Roeless Scallops (SPI)

Delicious and tender roe less scallops, supplied individually frozen to lock in the freshness!

Sea Bass Whole Descaled

Excellent quality, fresh Whole Sea Bass descaled for your convenience.

Crevettes 500g

These Crevettes are delicious, Jumbo Prawns supplied cooked and ready to defrost and eat!

Fresh Water Easy Peel Raw King Prawns

Raw Freshwater King Prawns with an 'Easy-peel' shell.

* Multiple variations available
Peeled and Deveined Raw King Prawns  (Regal Branded)

Large Raw King Prawns perfect for recipe dishes

Dover Sole Whole

This is a whole flat fish and is considered the finest of the family!


Whole and Ungutted Sardines, packed with nutrients including Omega-3 fatty acids!

Trout Whole

Fresh Whole Gutted Trout, grill or BBQ all cleaned and ready to cook.

Tuna Loin Portions

Fresh Prime Quality Line Caught Tuna Loin Portions.

* Multiple variations available