Mexican Inspired White Fish

Mexican Inspired White Fish (Picture by Regal Fish Supplies Ltd)

Mexican Inspired White Fish

A taste of Mexico with a seafood twist!

Serves: 1

Prep: 5

Cook: 15

Suggested cooking methods


Cooking Method/Instructions

1) Place a portion of white fish onto a cooking tray, skin side down if it isn’t already skinned.
2) Top with the salsa  and if you like a bit of a kick, add some extra chilli flakes or chopped chilli.
3) Sprinkle over grated cheese followed by crushed tortilla chips.
4) Bake at 200°c for about 15 minutes – check fish is cooked through before serving

Suggestion - Garnish with sliced avocado

Tip - if your fillet has the skin on, just place the fillet directly onto the baking sheet. Once cooked use a fish slice to lift the fish away from the skin which will stick to the baking tray.


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