Hot Fish Goujon Rolls

Hot Fish Goujon Rolls

Hot Fish Goujon Rolls

Quick and simple Hot Fish Goujons Rolls, perfect for a buffet or a weeknight treat for the kids!

Serves: 15

Prep: 4

Cook: 15

Suggested cooking methods


Cooking Method/Instructions

  1. Cook the Goujons according to the instructions on the packet - oven bake or deep fry.
  2. Take each hot dog roll, remove the ends and cut in 2
  3. Partially cut the roll lengthways, spread with some tomato relish
  4. Add a cooked Goujon then squeeze over a line of mayo
  5. Serve hot with plenty of napkins for sticky fingers!

Tip – Use any Goujons from our range or use large hot dog rolls and one of our Jumbo Battered Cod Fish Finger.


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