Delivery Operations Driver

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Job Details

Job Title: Delivery Operations Driver (Flexible)
Department: Operations
Locations: North Deliveries are made from Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire.
Southern Deliveries are made from Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire on Monday/Tuesday and Northampton from Wednesday to Friday.
Responsible to: Operations Manager/Delivery Operations Supervisor
Responsible for: Delivery of fish to customers
Key Relationships: Operations Manager, Delivery Operations Supervisor, Southern Supervisor.

Main Duties

  1. Responsible for delivering fish orders to the customer.
  2. To be responsible for organising drop off route for orders.
  3. To ensure that the “Drivers Delivery Code” is adhered to.
  4. To be responsible for storing the goods in the correct manner.
  5. To be responsible for the return of unsold products in a satisfactory condition.
  6. Collection and reconciliation of company monies.
  7. To ensure that the vehicle is driven in a safe and legal manner.
  8. To conduct a daily maintenance check of the vehicle.
  9. To always present yourself in a smart and presentable manner whilst working for the company.
  10. To be aware of responsibilities under the Health & Safety Act
  11. To abide by the Company Hygiene Policy for the delivery of fresh and frozen goods.
  12. Any other task given to you by management.

Other Responsibilities

To be responsible for the safe keeping of the following items for the duration of the employment with the company.

  • Vehicle
  • Uniform
  • Phone
  • Takings
  • Company issued tools

Knowledge & Skills Required:

  • Organisational skills
  • Full Car Driving Licence
  • Geographical knowledge

Special Working Conditions

This role entails working long hours and distance driving.

PERSONNEL SPECIFICATION: Delivery Operations Driver

Person Essential Desirable How assessed
Impact on others
Appearance Clean and well dressed Certain to create the right
Speech Clear Speech Interview
Manner Friendly, pleasant Able to communicate with all
types of people.
Self Confidence Confidence, enthusiasm, approachable, accommodating and unassuming Sufficient to make own
decisions within sphere of
Competence in dealing with people Good interpersonal skills, must be tactful and discreet High degree of tact and discretion when dealing with confidential matters Interview
General Education Good standard of education Basic Food Hygiene Certificate Application form
Occupational qualification Car Driving Licence Basic Health & Safety Certificate Sight of licence Application form
  Excellent driving record Previous experience as a multi-drop driver. C.V.
Aptitude Numerate, good written
and oral skills.
Ability to organize own
work load
Able to apply information
Ability to meet deadlines.
Computer literate Application form
Geographical knowledge
of U.K.
To work to standard operating procedures and a perfectionist approach Interview
Ability to organize own work and set self goals Must recognise main purpose of own job and be able to plan route in accordance with drops. Ability to establish efficient working practices. Interview
Ability to work alone or in a team Able to work alone Ability to work alone where necessary and
motivate self to meet company standards.
Responsibility and Reliability Collection and
reconciliation of company
Should create a good impression with the
Acceptability Appearance and manner should be acceptable to staff and customers Should be able to communicate effectively
in a friendly open way with the colleagues and

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