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Whilst the Government urge us to stay at home as the single most important peace of action that we can all take in order to protect the NHS and save lives. Many of us are wondering what to do with our time; some trying to juggle home working and home schooling and others feeling cut off from family, anxious and uncertain.

The advice is to try and keep a routine, so set an alarm and try and get up at the same time each day, get dressed and keep mealtimes set so that you have a structure to your day. It is really important if you don’t have any underlying health concerns, that you also do some form of exercise each day to keep your physical and mental health in best condition. We’ve got our thinking caps on here at Regal and have pulled together our top 10 ideas of ‘Things to do when in isolation’.

Take a look at our suggestions, try some out and let us know what you and your family are doing to get through the lockdown…

Cook up a storm

Most of you will have more time on your hands, and so now is a great opportunity to get in the kitchen and create a culinary masterpiece! Make a list of what you have in the freezer and look on BBC Good Food to see what you can make from what you have.

Check out the recipe library section on our website for a selection of seafood recipes which are sure to tantalise your taste buds. Our delivery service is still in action so place your order online and receive your fresh and frozen seafood direct to your door. Our drivers are currently making contactless deliveries where possible so you can have your order left in your porch ready to collect.

Why not start your own cookery blog and document everything you cook? We love to see what you all create, so share it with us via social media. Take a photograph and write up your recipe to share with the Regal family!

Don’t forget seafood is excellent for your overall health including your mood, the extra Vitamin D will work its wonders and so it’s the perfect protein for when in isolation for all of the family even the kids.


Whilst the guidelines state one walk a day, it doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Why not take this opportunity to improve your fitness? Go at your own pace and follow your doctor’s advice if you have any health issues, but there is a world of home exercise resources at your fingertips.

Check out the internet for online classes or your planner for tv programmes that will give you a good workout, try your hand at line or ballroom dancing, yoga or even chair exercises for those who have mobility issues. Joe Wicks is running a daily exercise routine each weekday which is aimed at kids, but all of the family can get involved and kickstart their day with a cardio blast. Or why not open the back door and have your own step class?

Pop the radio on or your favourite CD and soak up a little bit of sunshine whilst getting the heartrate up. This will do wonders for your all round wellbeing!

Plan for the future

Remember this is temporary and life will hopefully start to get back to normal soon. Take the time to build mental strength and whilst you might not be able to put an exact date on it, plan what you would like to do once normality resumes.

A good exercise would be to write down the everyday things that you would like to do now, normal things like visiting a friend or sitting in the library. Each time one passes your mind, write it on a note and fill a jar. Imagine how much joy these simple things will bring in only a matter of time!

Start a pinterest board and decorate your home virtually! This is great fun and doesn’t cost anything, but keeps your imagination going with exciting things. Create a savings plan so once the current situation subsides you can work out how you can make your pinterest board a reality.

Read a book

How many times have you said to yourself ‘I really should read more?’ Well now is the time! Download that autobiography, drag that history book out of your cupboard or take advantage of Audible and sit back, relax and get lost in a book. It’s great for your mood and you might learn something you never knew!

For more inspiration look online or check out Amazon, we found this great list, all of which have a positive approach and may be just what you need right now.

Pick up an old hobby

If you’ve recently let your garden go but have in years gone by enjoyed gardening, it’s the perfect time of year now that the weather is starting to improve. Make the most of the Spring sunshine and give your garden a bit of TLC. Soak up some sunshine (and vitamin D) and once you’re finished sit in your garden and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Perhaps you like to draw but haven’t had time in recent years, now is the time to pick up the pencil and start sketching. Look at the RHS website for inspiration or google ‘stunning landscapes’ - you don’t need to be an expert, there are lots of drawing tutorials on YouTube, so give it a try, you might enjoy it more than you expect.

Singing, dancing, origami, knitting, DIY, sewing, crafting… the list is endless. Whatever your hobby is, it’s a great opportunity to get back into it, and if you don’t know where to start why not download a book or visit YouTube for help getting started.

Listen to a podcast

Whatever your subject, there’s a podcast for you - whether you’re music mad, tech crazy or into comedy. Take a look online, you’ll find thousands to choose from and you can stream from your mobile phone so you can listen anywhere the BBC is a good place to start but a google search will bring you whatever you are looking for.

Boost your brain

As well as obviously eating seafood to boost your brain power, there are lots of other things you can do during isolation to keep the grey matter in top condition. Learn a language, download an app with brain games or try an online course.

Board games with the family are a great way to keep your mind active and also inject a bit of fun to your day. Classics like Bingo, Scrabble and Monopoly are great for all of the family!

Keep in touch

Whilst you can’t pop round and see your friends or meet with family, you can still stay in touch! Call regularly, and if you have a laptop or mobile phone, you can use online apps such as FaceTime and Skype. If you are a complete novice, we found an interesting article which might help you to get set up.

Online social communication is great because you still have face to face contact, and you can even stay in touch while carrying out day to day tasks. Call a friend whilst you’re cleaning the kitchen, chat to your grandkids whilst baking or why not set up a board game and play it over Skype with your family and friends!

Social media isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a good way to keep in touch and feel like you are still part of the community. There’s nothing like a good Facebook rant to get something off your chest, but try and keep it positive and offer encouragement. We love the_happy_broadcast on Instagram, as they aim to fill your news feed with anxiety free and positive news, which is much needed at the moment.

Remember to limit your usage to an hour or so a day, it’s very easy to get transfixed with scrolling down your news feed, but take a break and allocate your time wisely.

Meditate and make time for yourself

Take an hour a day to think of your wellbeing, a bit of ‘me’ time is important and easily overlooked. Run a relaxing bath, pop on some calming music and light some candles. Just make a space so that you are truly looking after yourself and try to unwind.

We love the ‘Calm’ app, but there are lots of other similar ones which help you concentrate on your breathing techniques and take a few moments to meditate.

Start a scrapbook

Hopefully the current events will soon be a distant memory and one that we don’t see again.

Make a diary or a scrapbook to pass down and tell your great grandchildren about one day.

To take a positive from a terrible situation, this does make you realise just how lucky we are in everyday life and how unimportant material things are. Once things hopefully get back to normal, we will appreciate the small things and hopefully it will bring communities closer together.

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