Shetland vessel the 'Venturous' helping us to feed the nation!

We have had some excellent fish through the doors over the past few weeks and much of it has been supplied by Lerwick registered vessel 'Venturous'.

Each morning our Cod, Haddock and Coley is landed in Shetland and brought to Grimsby via Aberdeen ready for our filleters to prepare to our customers specific requirements each morning.

The quality of the Shetland fish is absolutely superb and each fish is handled with care meaning that they are in perfect condition for filleting.

These fishermen work in what is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and so we are so grateful for the sacrifices they make in order to keep fish on our tables!

As soon as the fish is received at our factory, the technical manager and fish buyer check the quality of the fish ensuring it meets the expected standards and is well iced. Several fillets are then taken for further inspection and finally cooking up for our Torry Assesment.

Fresh fish prepared and ready to cook
Fresh Cod Loin

The beauty of our service is that we only purchase what is required each day, orders are taken in advance and so the fresh fish is purchased, prepared and sent out meaning there isn't any stock left over.

Any tails or surplus fillets are trimmed and sent off each day for our ready meal or goujon production and so it gives us a clean start and ensures the optimum freshness! This is what we believe sets us apart, we call it our 'fresh approach'.

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