Seafood and kids - Learn to love seafood!

Seafood has so many wonderful health benefits for the mind and body and it can help to set children up for a lifetime of good health. Providing them with important vitamins and scientists recommend that we should all eat two portions of seafood a week.

As we all know, some kids can go through phases of being picky eaters so now might be the perfect time to encourage them to try new things and help them to learn to love fish! Here's our tips to get started...

● Start early…
It’s probably no surprise that children who are introduced to seafood at an early age are more likely to enjoy fish and eat it regularly. Fish can be introduced as early as 6 months when the baby is weaned. Visit for more information and the best types to try.

● Start Simple…
If your child is older and never tried fish, no worries. Just start simple and don't pressure them. Look for small portions of mild flavoured fish and cook very simply, adding minimal flavours. See how much your child enjoys fish in its purest form, especially if you point out the health benefits. You may be surprised!

● Fish Twist…
Try and substitute the usual meat protein for fish where you can.
Taco Tuesday and Fajita Friday can just as easily include fish and prawns rather than meat. For children who require a bit more encouragement, introduce either marinated or breaded and battered products. Make it exciting, a dip sometimes does the trick.

● Get Hands On…
Children tend to engage more and enjoy something that they have helped to create. Take a look at the fish pizza recipe in our brochure or viit the website and browse our child friendly seafood recipes. You could even get your child to help you make a fish pie for the whole family!

● Be consistent…
Try and encourage seafood twice a week so that it becomes ‘the norm’. The more familiar something is, the more likely your child will eat it. Just because your child doesn't like Salmon doesn't mean they wont like Haddock or prawns. All seafood is good in whatever form so if they like just one type then that's perfectly fine.

Keep your eyes peeled, we will have lots of wonderful offers, inspiration and recipes on our instagram and facebook pages this week to help you. Including arguably our best offer ever... kids eat free!

If you have some tips on encouraging fussy eaters to give something a try we would love to hear about it, please share your experiences with us!

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