Great British Food Fortnight (and why we think it's particularly Great in Grimsby!)

If you're a customer of ours, you will know that we are proud of our Grimsby roots. You'll have likely seen our gushing Grimsby stories either in our brochure or on our regular updates on social media, but we honestly believe that Grimsby is Great and we make it our business to ensure that the nation has easy access to Grimsby produce.

So much so that we have recently joined the Grimsby FMA (Fish Merchants Association) and you will soon notice that a lovely new logo will appear on many of our ready prepared products featuring the strap line 'Made Great in Grimsby'.

We have been fortunate enough to hold our own as one of the nations best fishmongers and are proud to have been able to deliver the best seafood products Grimsby has to offer to homes nationwide for over 30 years!

What makes our service so special is that we only purchase what we need to fulfill the sales in the system. So we take orders from our customers over the phone or on our website ready for a delivery date the following week. Meaning there is no waste or old product to sell on, therefore our customers can be confident in the ultimate freshness.

Our system allows David Hussey our Fresh Purchasing Manager to have advance notice of exactly what is required, then he has the important job of sourcing the best available product.

Dave has worked in the Seafood industry for over 45 years and since welcoming him over 6 years ago the company has seen some changes in how we are able to source our fresh fish. His extensive knowledge and contacts in the UK, Iceland and Norway have allowed us to move our supply to where the fish is in peak season and plentiful.

As well as regular purchases from Grimsby market we have connections with several other markets, we buy from Cornwall and much of our white fish comes from Scotland or Shetland.

MTL Smokehouse of Grimsby has supplied our traditionally smoked products since 1989

With fresh fish being at the centre of our business of course it would be easier for us to concentrate on ensuring the quality of our market fresh fish and to simply supply a range of mass produced ready meals and prepared products that compliment. But our ethos is 'best seafood, best service and best advice' and the same goes for our ready prepared range.

Lincolnshire and indeed Grimsby have some of the finest producers and we are glad to share our love for the best quality seafood, combined with bespoke recipes, expert techniques and careful handling from artisan producers which we believe is what help to set us apart.

Much of the fresh fish that goes through our factory is frozen daily by us and goes into some of our prepared products, we also source the best quality fillets and portions to the exact specification required for our handmade bakes and meals.

Chapmans of Grimsby whom we have worked closely with for almost 20 years!

We regularly promote our artisan suppliers and believe our relationship with local producers like Chapmans of Grimsby is fundamental. We are constantly comparing quality and looking at new products and suppliers from Grimsby so that we can offer a range of delicious products that you wont find in the supermarket.

We've put together a list of our favourite 'locally made products from Grimsby', we don't like to blow our own trumpet but we are pretty sure you will be impressed with what Grimsby has to offer!

There is so many we had to miss off as we ran out of spaces! For the full range of ready prepared products please visit our ready prepared section on the website and we are always adding new products so keep an eye on the 'New to Regal' section too!

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