Fresh Lincolnshire Trout - Now Boneless!

We are very happy to announce that our long serving supplied of Trout fillets has extended their excellent service levels and will now be offering Boned Trout Fillets. This is fantastic news and we are grateful for the efforts that have gone into offering this service to us and our customers.

For over 10 years we have been sourcing our fresh Trout from Belleau Bridge Trout Farm in Lincolnshire. Harvested to order and delivered twice a week so our customers really can enjoy the freshest Trout available.

A family business ran by keen fisherman Simon Harrop and his wife Ginny after Simon's father Adrian set up the fishery in 1975, the absolute utmost care an attention goes into the whole process and they have earned an excellent reputation.

The name comes from the chalk bed river which runs through the farm and one taste and you will get a feel for the quality conditions the Trout are raised in. Spring fed with the purest mineral water and earth dug ponds which gives each Trout a close to nature condition and allows us to source the best quality fish all year round.

We are extremely proud to offer this product to our customers and can confidently say that we are completely satisfied that it meets with the very high standards that our customers have come to expect from our range. We hope you enjoy your new Trout fillets minus the bones!

Our fresh trout fillets are available to buy here.

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