Five Ways Regal Fish is a ZERO Waste Factory

At Regal Fish we fillet and prepare a lot of fish every day. You might wonder what we do with all the leftover pieces, such as heads, bones, tails etc. that don’t get sent to our customers. We are proud to say that we are a ZERO WASTE factory. That means everything we buy from the fish markets in Grimsby gets put to good use.

Here are 5 ways we are a zero waste factory.

1. On loining our fish any tails are taken out and processed into fish portions with butters and any extra taken out for goujon production or our ready meals.

2. Any other fish pieces are trimmed and are supplied in our ‘fresh fish pieces – perfect for pets’.

3.  The heads are sold to a local producer that removes and sells the cheeks/tongues.

4. The bellies and backbones are sold to another local producer who uses a bone extruder and the remaining meat is minced and sold to other companies and chip shops for minced fish cakes.

5. Any remaining parts of the heads/skeletons are used for fish meal, this may be used as fish feed in farms or on land farms for feeding pigs/poultry with the remainder being used in fertiliser.

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