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Grilled Tuna Supremes and cut red bell pepper on grill

Great Fish to Use on the Grill!

1. Swordfish
Swordfish is a fantastic fish for grilling! It’s a mild-tasting, firm, meaty fish that holds up great on the grill. You can buy our Swordfish Supreme to cook whole or cut it up and skewer it.

2. Salmon
Whether you cook it as a steak or a fillet, salmon can withstand the heat of the grill, keeping its distinct flavour and staying together. Also consider grilling salmon on cedar planks for an added flavour twist.

3. Tuna
Tuna is like the steak of the seafood world. It’s so versatile! Tuna steak is thick and hearty, with a distinct flavour. Perfect for a summer BBQ !

4. Red Snapper
Perfect for grilling and the BBQ, this sought after fish boasts a firm texture and sweet flavour!

5. Mackerel
This is a 'good for you' fish with high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids and an excellent source of selenium (an essential mineral) and Vitamin B12. The flavour is rich with a moist texture and is excellent grilled.

Tips for Great BBQ Fish!

When fish cooks on a grill, it loses moisture fast -- faster than most meats. And over an open grill, the juice drips straight onto sizzling coals. To preserve moisture, coat the fish with oil, which will seal some of the moisture inside. And follow these steps:

  • Designate a cool area on the grill. Pile hot coals on just one side of the grill.
  • Start with clean grill grates.
  • Use tongs to rub the grate with a cloth or paper towel coated with vegetable oil.
  • For firm fleshed fish like salmon, halibut, and tuna steaks: brush the fish with vegetable oil and season with salt.
  • Most fish can grill directly on the grate, at high heat.
  • Flip as soon as the fish is cooked at least ½ way through.
  • For every 1-inch of thickness, expect about 10 minutes of cooking time (over medium-hot coals).
  • Wrap thin fillets or delicate fish in corn-husks, banana leaves, grape leaves, or aluminium foil -- or place the fish on top of the foil. Place parchment paper between fish and foil to help prevent sticking.
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Great Marinades For Your Fish

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